The Critical Role of TCO

TCO is at the very foundation of our service because it is what enables our clients to understand cost dynamics and informs process improvement, technology utilization and risk management. A thorough grasp of internal and external costs will pinpoint inefficiencies or redundancies that impact the bottom line. Learn More

True Costs of Ownership

What are the true costs associated to provide HR, Payroll and Benefits services to your employees? How do you know if there is a faster, better, less costly and less risky way to provide these services?

Let’s start with the basics.

Numbers Talk

Numbers talk. Seems simple enough—but only if you have the right information to arrive at a true total cost of ownership. Easier said than done.

That’s why close to 200 organizations have turned to Sourcing Analytics and our proprietary Financial Analysis Tool for the answers.

Developed by Donald Glade, the industry’s leading authority on HR, Payroll and Benefits cost analysis, Sourcing Analytics delivers a proven tool that provides deep visibility into TCO.

Results Benchmarked Against Peer Groups

Sourcing Analytics enables decision-makers to benchmark their costs with confidence and credibility against other organizations by size, industry, system—even complexity of benefits. The Sourcing Analytics Financial Analysis Tool also projects future costs and basic ROI within an outsourced environment and identifies areas for improvement. In other words, a more complete picture of your TCO.

Powerful Reporting without Bias

Since you provide the data and understand how the calculations are made, the numbers speak the truth—without bias. But to ensure data is correct, we review it against normal distribution and identify questionable answers.

The result— a clean, easily understandable and actionable report that is calculated using the same formulas employed for hundreds of companies.

Now, that’s transparency.

Ready to take action in TCO evaluation

Donald Glade - Founder

Donald Glade, expert in TCO analysis Don Glade is the industry’s leading authority on determining the TCO of HR, benefits, and payroll service delivery. Read more.

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