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Often a TCO analysis can reveal an improper balance between external and internal costs indicating inefficiencies in your service partnerships. These findings may reveal the need to evaluate your partnerships and make adjustments based on changes to your business or your business environment. Where once employers would work to manage “vendors,” the broader outsourcing arrangements in today’s environment call for relationship reviews.

New competitors, evolving technologies, and restructuring are just a few of the factors that can significantly impact the ROI and effectiveness of your service delivery solutions.

Sourcing Analytics offers Relationship Reviews to all parties involved in your sourcing partnership, whether for periodic assessment and adjustment, or to meet an explicit program or project need.

With the participation of provider and employer managers, as well as financial, technical, and departmental teams, the objective of these assessments is to optimize existing relationships, resolve unmet partnering expectations, and identify. financial or other business factors that can undermine an optimal relationship.

When used proactively, Relationship Reviews frequently identify new opportunities for reconfigured service solutions that strengthen and enhance the relationships with all resources dedicated to HR/benefits/payroll business functions.

Process review and process redesign are a fundamental element of these assessments, resulting in identification of enhanced working methods, and related recommendations for improved financial and service performance levels.

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Donald Glade - Founder

Donald Glade, expert in TCO analysis Don Glade is the industry’s leading authority on determining the TCO of HR, benefits, and payroll service delivery. Read more.

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